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Jailbreaking iOS devices has been something that people have been interested in and taking part in since the first time Apple disallowed its users access to all the services that the phone has to offer. In some people’s eyes, since the device hardware has been purchased, the user should be allowed to alter it as well as access all the features that it provides, this is the act of jailbreaking an iOS device, removing all the security checks and triggers that Apple has set in place to avoid unintended use of their devices.

IOS 9 on the other hand, has been giving all these people quite a troublesome time, so far only iOS 9.0 up to 9.0.2 have been successfully broken into, as for the newer versions that Apple has released, it’s going to be a while before we hear anything else.

What does this mean for current users?

If you’re someone who’s currently using a jailbroken phone then you’ve probably already been advised not to update your phone to the next version unless there’s jailbreak capabilities available.

So if you’re currently using iOS v9.0.2, we advise you to stick to that version until the talented people at TaiG and Pangu are done with their jobs and develop a fool-proof method to safely jailbreak your phone without costing you the possibility of losing your phone.

If you’re up to date on the jailbreak news, you’ve probably heard about Luca Todesco, an Italian hacker who had claimed to successfully have jailbroken several beta versions of the upcoming updates, including one for iOS v9.3, he however, tweeted that he won’t be releasing any of the jailbreaks so we’ll have to wait for TaiG and Pangu if we’re interested in keeping our phones unlocked.

He’s also the one who stated that v9.2 is going to be much harder than v9.1 as far as jailbreaking is concerned, so users should avoid updating their iOS versions until further notice.

What does jailbreaking do?

Jailbreaking is the act of removing the software limitations that Apple has put in place to disallow unauthorized access, in short, a phone that isn’t jailbroken will only allow you to install applications from the iTunes store, there’s quite a few useful applications that aren’t allowed to be on the iTunes store or simply aren’t available in your geographical location, jailbreaking your phone lets you bypass this security check.

In some ways, jailbreaking your iOS device allows you to use it in a manner similar to Android devices, since all Android devices by default accept applications and software from all sources, even if they’re not from the Google Play Store, this is the reason there are other app stores, there are applications in the Google Play store for other play stores, jailbreaking your iOS devices allows you to install such applications without any issues.