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Towards the end of last year, Facebook formed a partnership with Uber allowing users to call a cab via the Messenger app.

With this move, it was an indicator to the start of an era where Facebook Messenger will now focus on money-making programs. There is no doubt this application or rather, company has an array of riches on its cards as the year 2016 kicks off. However, it has yet to make a solid plan of how it plans to reap from these riches.

The main Facebook platform will for sure be the core business driving it’s other revenue acquisition in 2016 and other years to come. This platform has such massive revenue avenues that it seems impossible for other players such as Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp to surpass it, however, this year seems a lot different from previous years as they too have some better ways of generating, even more, income for the social networking giant.

Speaking of income avenues, Facebook recently hinted on how it is planning to make the most of its messaging platform, Messenger, this coming year and the others to follow. Now that the app has reached a staggering user base of over 800 million users, Mark Zuckerberg is somehow convinced that it is time to start monetizing this app.

The Uber partnership is key to this year’s success

As mentioned at the beginning, Facebook has formed a partnership with Uber where users will be able to call, track as well as pay for cabs right from within the app. With messaging apps gaining more and more popularity with the increasing usage of smartphones, most companies are aligning their services to work on these platforms.

It is a huge opportunity for them to integrate their services into this app such that the massive audience that uses the app can have direct access to their services even when chatting with friends on Messenger. The figure of messaging app users has now reached 2.5 billion, but this figure is expected to hit 3.6 billion by 2018.

The fact that Facebook has joined with Uber to offer transportation services to its more than 800 million users is just the first step towards a wealthy source of income for the app.

Last year, Facebook opened a channel that lets third-party developers integrate their services into the app; a feat that has seen more than 700 apps created by different companies just to make use of Facebook Messenger’s popularity. Companies are now using this platform to provide customer care services, but there is no word on when Facebook plans on getting money from these services.

Facebook to target businesses using Messenger and WhatsApp

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have a combined user base of more than 1.7 billion users, a figure that very few businesses can say they enjoy. The question is how will the company monetize this massive user base?

Well, one way would be through service ads to users, something that seems unlikely with WhatsApp. The app’s success has been because of a lack of ads and gimmicks and now that this seems to be the only viable way of making money out of this app, it would pose a threat to WhatsApp’s user base. On the other hand, the company could opt to charge businesses that carry out business activities on these platforms, a scenario that seems viable since quite a number of organizations are already using these platforms to reach out to their customers.

Despite the fact that the company has some huge potential as far as monetizing Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp is concerned, taking a go-slow approach might just be the right way of doing things. This is what happened with now very successful ad business. As a result, we might see the company starting to see significant revenue from these apps after 2016.

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