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Facebook Messenger is available for both tablet and mobile phones but lacks a desktop version. A leak today, however, shows the app for desktop in the making.

As opposed to accessing Facebook via a tab in a browser, the Messenger for Mac client can be accessed from the OS X dock. An eyewitness spotted the social networking employee using the alleged Messenger app for Mac confirming the company is indeed working on the official app. The move could relieve PC users of the current frantic chatting experience.

At the moment, users have to switch between many browser tabs to chat with friends. But just like it did with its iOS platform for iPads and iPhones in 2011, Facebook is likely to create a standalone app for Mac. In July 2014, the Messenger app was detached from the main Facebook app on iOS.  However, it’s expected the web version will remain despite the introduction of the desktop app. A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment on the disclosure, though.

Mac app differs from third party versions

Like Messenger for iOS, the under-test Messenger for Mac has a navigation tab bar at the bottom left. The menu options include Settings, People, Recent and Groups that are not found in third party versions, unofficial Messenger apps. Facebook’s internal portals and VPN are also in the purported Messenger for Mac app – the employee is said to be logged into those above.

The photo was taken by the witness, though blurred, also shows the speculated official app’s icon in the app Dock is the Messenger logo. Moreover, the app is named Messenger in the menu bar. By the way, hackers have been building counterfeit Messengers for Mac, which have failed to make a landmark due to down to earth functionality and their unofficial nature. Some of the unofficial versions include FbMacMessenger and Messenger for Desktop.

Information on release date not known

Facebook has been known for internally testing some apps but never releases them to the public. As a result, it’s not known yet when this new app will be released or even if it will be made public. If Facebook introduces this app, web platform will not be a regular visit place for users; the company will lose money on ads that flow in News Feed. Seemingly, Facebook is ready to sacrifice profit to win the race to control chatting. Competitors like KakaoTalk, WeChat, Line, Google and Kik are encroaching hastily.

In 2011, Facebook was recruiting desktop software engineers to develop Mac and desktop apps. The work seemed to have started with a release of Messenger for Windows OS desktops in 2012 and a pledge to work on Messenger for Mac. However, two years later Facebook withdrew Windows app that stopped functioning on March 3, 2014, and no Messenger for Mac had been released.

Last April, Facebook launched, a browser interface to let people chat in a freer environment. The interface excluded the News Feed and other Facebook additions that initially caused interruptions to users while chatting on the web.