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Whatever iPhone model you have, you secretly wish that your iPhone could work faster and it has great battery life. This is nothing to argue that battery life of iPhone is always a matter of greater argument as they are not that good. If you have the latest iPhone 6S, then you can easily tell that your phone is the most rapid device on earth, but as we talk about the older iPhones, we know that they will slow down.

Users use various ways to boost speed and to enhance the battery life of their iPhones so that they could have some peace in life. Here are some of the tricks that you can implement on your iPhone and make your iPhone experience heaven.

  1. Sweep away the mess from your Apple apps

You get the unnecessary mess in your iPhone when the Cache is build-up and that is what causes your iPhone to have deteriorating speed. There is some very easiest and useful hidden tweak that will help you to speed up your iPhone. You can clean the cache with many of your regular apps at iPhone. Such as with the iMessage, PodCast, Music, App Store, Phone and Game Center. For boosting the speed of your phone, you can open any of these apps and tap 10 times rapidly on any of the tabs, present at the downside of the screen. When you perform that, the screen will be blanked and your cache will get cleaned.

  1. Put off the animations

We know that animation looks really fun and shows that you own an iPhone, but trust us; they are slowing down your phone too. You can speed it up by going to the Settings, click on General, and then go to Accessibility and check into the “Reduce Motion” feature. After doing that, you will observe the change in your phone’s speed.

If you want more, then you can check out the options of Reduce Transparency and Increase Contrast as well.

  1. Permit the low power mode on iPhone

Whenever your phone gets low at battery to the 20%, you all receive the pop up to put it on the Low Power Mode. Well, you can enable that option by going to the Settings option. If you have the plan to be out of WiFi and the day is going to be real busy, then enable this option so that you could have longer battery time.

To enable this option, you have to go to the Settings, click on Battery, and check into the Low Power Mode. Your push email along with the app refreshing in the background will get stopped and also do things in the background that will enhance the battery life of your phone.

  1. Halt the feature of product improvement

Apple is certainly thankful of you if you are helping it in improving its products and services, but you also need to know that it is costing you, your battery life. You can disable that by going to the Settings, click on Privacy and go down to the Diagnostic and Usage option, there you have to click on the Don’t Send.

Now, go to the Settings, tap on Privacy, click on Location Services, then on System Service, go to the bottom side and stop the Routing & Traffic, Diagnostic & Usage, Improve Maps and Popular near Me.  Also, if you want to do more, then disable the app that you do not feel like having your location access.

  1. Regulate the settings of location

We have some apps in our iPhone, which checks out in to our location in the background. Other apps also do that by getting into your privacy and emptying your battery. You have to get rid of that by going to the Settings app, click on Location Services, and there, you will find the list of apps, which are currently using your Location data. If you are seeing that some App has Always checked in front of it, then you need to think that whether you want it or not. If you do not want it to use your location, then click on Never or while Using.

  1. Clean your RAM and accelerate your iPhone

It won’t even take minutes that your Ram is cleared and you have a fast working phone. It is understood that if you are taking longer in cleaning your phone, it will get stuck and of course, the rebooting takes a longer to occur. There is a trick that will help you in cleaning the phone within no time. You just have to click on to your power button and you will see that the “Slide to Power off” has appeared on the screen. You have to leave the power button then, and click on to home button till the hone screen is showing up back. This is all you have to do and your phone will reboot.

  1. Allow the Wi-Fi Assist

Along with other tricks, this trick is another helpful milestone. The feature of your Wi-Fi Assist swaps from the WiFi to the cellular when you do not have a strong connection. With these changes, you can save the battery, but with some money that will be utilized when you are using the cellular data. You have to go to the Settings, click on to Cellular, and enable the WiFi assist option.

  1. Disable the tracking on your phone

Wherever you go, your iphone tracks you and keeps the record of every place. You can disable that function and save your battery life too. You can change it by going to the settings, click on to Privacy, and check into the Location Services. In that tab, you will see the option of Frequent Locations, so click on it and undo it.

  1. Disable the background app refreshing

The options of background app refresh have impact on your battery and it sucks your battery. By disabling it, you can save greater amount of battery. Go to the Settings, click on General, and on Background App Refresh. By disabling that option, you will be able to give ease to your battery.

  1. Message cleaning after 30 days

Your messages take most of the space in your phone and this also impacts your battery life. So clean them after some time. Go to the Settings, General, Storage and iCloud usage and then on Manage Storage. You will see that how much space it is eating up with the normal messages and the picture messages as well. So, change the settings today and enjoy space in your iPhone.