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Smart Watches are very popular nowadays and today we’re going to talk about two devices by two big rival companies: the Apple Watch 2016 and Samsung Gear 2.


Apple Watch 2016 comes in two size variants of 33.3×38.6×10.5mm and 35.9x42x10.5mm.

The Samsung S2 has been released in three model variants: The S2, The S2 Classic and the S3G. The S2 variant measures 50x42x11.4mm, the S2 Classic version 44x40x11.4mm and lastly, the 3G version measures 51.8x44x13.4mm.


Apple has brought a new pressure sensitive screen to the watch. Different amounts of force, gestures and angles, all will result from different reaction of the watch. The watch comes in two-sized AMOLED display variants of 1.32-inch and 1.5-inch. With other words, there is a bit of room which you can use on this smartwatch. The touch feature also comes in handy for some applications and the colors are bright and sharp. When it comes to resolution, the displays feature 272×340 pixels at 326 ppi and 312×390 pixels at 326 ppi.

All three variants of the Samsung Gear S2 have a display size of 1.2-inch, which supports a resolution of 360×360 pixels at 302 ppi.

Device Support

The devices are supported only by some specific type of smartphones. For example, the Apple Watch is only supported by other smartphones that run on iOS and it is not sure if it will ever support Android smartphones. On the other hand, Samsung is planning to bring support for iOS smartphones for its smartwatches, but, currently, these devices are supported only by smartphones that run on Android OS.

Since the Android smartphones are more popular than Apple’s smartphones, we can clearly say that the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartwatches are more popular than the smartwatches released by Apple.

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