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Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 7 somewhere in September or October this year.

According to the latest reports, this device will supposedly come with and without a number of key features, with the 3.5mm headphone port being one of the most notable omissions.

This port has been the standard for quite some time now and it is still used by many companies from all over the world. If Apple truly does away with it, it means it will have to come up with its own set of headphones to be used on the next series of iPhones beginning with this year’s model. In order for you to use your own set of headphones on this device, you will have to get a device that helps you connect to the iPhone 7 using a 3.5mm headphone.

In the wake of this proposed change, there is emerging news that Apple is working on a tool that will reportedly help iPhone users to migrate to the Android devices. While this move seems odd for a company that recently developed a tool to help the Android users migrate to iOS, sources close to the matter argue that it is not out of Cupertino’s own liking. Carriers from around Europe are the ones behind this pressure to create a tool that helps the iPhone users move over to Android with their contacts, photos and music.

Apple unveiled Move to iOS just last year and just as expected, the Android users did not relish this app’s appearance in the Google Play Store. This app was meant to help the Android users who wished to switch to Apple, move along with their personal data with ease, but it was trolled with 1-star ratings from angry Android users. While this app was designed to help Apple, the proposed new creation is basically set to benefit its archrival Google.

Planning for life after 3.5mm headphone

Apple has plans to ditch the 3.5mm headphone port in order to come up with a much slimmer iPhone 7. Given that this port is still the industry standard for most companies, it might be a problem for devices from other companies to be compatible with Apple’s next series of iPhones. Market pundits have already started speculating that this move might result in a huge exodus from Apple and as a result, the rumored app is meant to help people easily move to Android with their entire database.

As mentioned earlier, this is not as a result of Apple’s liking, but the Telegraph reveals that it is as a result of pressure from major European telecom operators who claim that there are very few iPhone-to-Android migrations due to the technical hassle that involves transferring data between the two. According to these telcos, this has weakened their hand as far as commercial negotiations with Apple are concerned.

It is very difficult for us to agree with this speculation, especially considering how Apple handles its competitors. However, it is possible that this is happening as a result of the pressure from its partners, or maybe the company is just getting ready for the possible departure of users following the introduction of lightning bolt connectors on the iPhone 7.

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