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Apple has been fairly successfully with their newest devices and it shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone, Apple has been making some of the best luxury smartphones that the world has seen and year after year they’ve been making sales and succeeding at holding their market.

The iPhone 6s Plus is an update to Apple’s previous version, the iPhone 6 Plus, released an year apart from one another, these phones show us what an year of research and development can do as far as Apple is concerned.


Both of these devices are truly spectacular and provide the same experience as far as first looks are concerned, similar to all Apple devices, both of their general user experience as far as UI is concerned is pretty much perfect.

Under the hood however, the iPhone 6s Plus is powered by a 1.84 GHz processor as opposed to the 1.4 GHz on the iPhone 6 Plus, other benefits include a better GPU as well as an entire GB of extra internal memory, making sure that the new 6s Plus is able to keep up with modern apps running in the background, allowing you to switch between them without having to close either of them.

The additional memory also makes it possible for developers to make new applications that are capable of doing much more than their predecessors, it’s a sad fact that these new applications won’t be available on the iPhone 6 Plus but that’s how technology works, such apps will only be available on the 6s Plus and newer phones.


As far as functionality is concerned, Apple is always improving their imagery hardware as well as software with every new year. The iPhone 6 Plus only had an 8 MP camera with video capture limited to 1080p, the 6s Plus however is a completely different tale.

The 6s Plus is capable of recording 4K video with 8 MB, simultaneous image capabilities. Primarily, it’s powered by a 12 MP camera along with a 5 MP front camera. It’s also able to record 1080p in 120fps, giving you the ability to record smooth slow motion footage up to 4x at 1080p or 8x at 720p.

Apart from this, both of these phones are capable of being updated to the latest iOS version, currently being v9.2 while also being equipped with all the other features and sensors that iPhones come packed with.


As far as reliability is concerned, the displays of both phones are made from similarly strengthened glass and both phones have identical battery life from, in practical use however, the 6S Plus did last quite a few hours longer than its predecessor.

In all honesty however, the 6S Plus is definitely an upgrade over the previous phone if you’re interested in keeping the latest piece of technology on your hands, but it might not be completely worth the price tag if you’re completely content with the 6 Plus as it is, this might just be the time to skip an upgrade and wait for the 7 series.