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WhatsApp and WeChat are two of the most popular free messaging and calling app that continue dominate the mobile space.

Despite their dominance, they are very popular in different regions of the world, serving the users with contrasting needs. While both apps offer users with free messaging and calling services, there are actually lots of things that WeChat can do and WhatsApp cannot.

For starters, it is important to know that every service that WhatsApp offers is actually available on WeChat, be it sending of text, videos, photos, or voice notes. There is also the ability to share locations, contacts, emojis, stickers and a bunch of other files, but WhatsApp has its own limitations when it comes to exchanging media files.

In addition, WhatsApp only allows the users to make free voice calls, with the video calling feature only appearing as a rumor for about a year now. On the other hand, WeChat lets users make free voice and video calls to users. Just recently, Tencent rolled out a new capability that now lets users make calls to non-users. Just like Skype Out, the new WeChat Out will charge the users affordable rates for making calls to landlines as well as unregistered phone numbers.

WeChat as an e-commerce platform

WeChat is the leading provider of e-commerce services on mobile platforms in the entirety of China. Boasting a user base of more than 500 million people in the country alone, the app is used to carry out much other functionality such as making payments, booking travel tickets and paying for them, making hotel reservations, hailing a cab and many others.

WhatsApp can do none of the above mentioned things, which is why the company thinks that it is very wrong to start comparing the Facebook-owned app to its own establishment.

WhatsApp has yet to make any significant money for its owner – Facebook – but there are definitely plans to do so. When this finally comes into play, this app may hold an upper hand over its Asian counterpart thanks to the fact that it is being followed by more than 900 million users from all over the world. On the contrary, WeChat only has more than 650 million users, but as mentioned earlier, over 500 million are based in the app’s home country of China.

It will still be very hard for WhatsApp to beat WeChat in terms of revenue given the wide range of paying services the latter is offering. Unless Facebook comes in with a lucrative plan for its app, it might still take time (or maybe it might never) before it surpasses the revenue earned by Tencent courtesy of WeChat.