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There are times when you are curious about what someone wrote you on WhatsApp, but you don’t want him/her to know because you are either busy or not in the mood to talk. Today we’re going to teach you how you can read messages on WhatsApp without the finder even knowing that you’ve read it.

As you already know, when you read a message on WhatsApp, the sender is notified (two blue ticks), which means that (s)he would most likely wait for a reply. If the sender of the message notices that you’ve read the message and you didn’t reply, he might think that you are either mad about what he wrote or something similar.

So, if you receive a message on WhatsApp that you want to read without the sender being notified, you will need to put your smartphone on “Airplane Mode” before opening the message. Once your smartphone is on “Airplane Mode”, the mobile data will be shutdown, which means that the WhatsApp servers will not “see” if you open a message or not.

After reading the WhatsApp message, don’t turn off the “AirPlane Mode” right away and instead close the WhatsApp application first. After that, you can turn off “AirPlane Mode” and connect back to the internet.

There is also another way to disable the receipts feature by going to the WhatsApp’s Settings->Account->Privacy and toggle off “Read Receipts”. However, while having this feature off, you will not be able to see when someone reads your messages.

WhatsApp is a very popular application, but some features that were added since the application was purchased by Facebook, were not received well by the users mostly because they are invading their privacy.

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