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At the beginning, every new smartphone behaves perfectly, but after a while, its performance starts to let down. The system crashes, shuts down, applications are also affected and the phone needs a factory reset as soon as possible. If your device is behaving and you don’t know how to perform a factory reset, in this article we’ll teach you how to do that.

If you miss the factory fresh condition of your Nexus 6P, a factory reset will solve all the problems you’ve had lately with your device. Every application you’ve installed, every photo you’ve taken, will be wiped, with the exception of firmware updates, so you should backup everything it’s important and upload files to Google Drive, then restore them later. In order to factory reset the Nexus 6P, you will use the settings menu, as it’s very simple. You will just go to Settings > Backup and Reset, where you will select Factory Data Reset.

With The Hardware Buttons

If you’re struggling to factory reset your phone using Settings, or if the device gets trapped in a bootloop, there’s another method that will save you and here are the steps that must be followed: first, you will power off your phone and hold the volume and power down buttons at the same time, until you’ll see the Options screen. Select recovery by using the volume down button, and confirm your selecting by pressing the power button. An Android robot will appear and you will hold down the power button then press the volume up button, then with the volume down button you will navigate to Wipe Data / Factory Reset. To confirm your action, press the power button, then you’ll select Yes to delete all user data, and again, the action will be confirmed by pressing the power button. In the end, you’ll select Reboot System Now and that’s it.

What You Can Do Before Performing A Factory Reset

If the phone is not as fast as before, maybe the app cache is full and it needs to be cleared. In this case, you will clear app cache by going to System > Apps. Maybe some applications are causing system crashes, so they need to be removed, then the device will be rebooted. Some problems are related to WiFi networks, and most of the reasons why this feature is not working is because of the malfunctioning router.