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More tricks are coming up in the iOS 9.3 beta version as more people are using it. The interesting tweak that has been discovered in this version is this WiFi Assist. With this tweak, all of the Apple’s users will see that how much of the data has been utilized through the Wi-FI Assist feature of Apple.

If you have the iOS 9.3 version, then you can go to the Settings, click on the Cellular section, and find WiFi Assist option there. By checking out this feature, the users can either on or off it and see that how much data they have utilized.

If you do not know this feature in your iPhone, then you need to know that this feature was already present in the iOS 9 and released with it. If your WiFi connection is weak, then your network will be switched over to the iPhone’s cellular service.

That feature did not get much appreciation from the users as it automatically gets transferred without permission and was causing the phone’s credit loss or hike in bills. As iOS 9 was updated, it was using the Wi-Fi assist feature without permission, as described above. The matters got real serious that Apple had to publish a clarification document, in which they said that what the working procedure of this feature is and the amount of data usage is a little bit of higher than the usual usage.

Apple has said that this data usage will be enabled when there are very specific circumstances and if your data roaming is switched on, then it will not get activated. Also, when you are streaming the video or audio of third party apps and when you are installing the content at background, then this will not get turned on.

The Apple has taken many safety measures to improve its feature of WiFi Assist because there are many displeased consumers who have sued $5 million lawsuit due to this characteristic. Applicants in this lawsuit claimed that they got to know about this feature very lately after they lost so much of their charges. Another issue is that this problem came up because this feature was permitted automatically. In the other points, the lawsuit and the applicants explained that the explanation provided by the Apple related to this feature was not enough and they need damages to pay off their charges.

There are many legal battles going on at the Apple and this lawsuit is another one. As the Apple has released the explanation documentation, we can see that Apple is not leaving it just in vain rather it is taking developing steps for it and not just quarreling with the applicants. As you can check the data usage yourself, it is now up to the users that whether they want to use this option or not.

So, if your WiFi Assist option is enabled or you have just got to know about it, then take necessary steps instead of suing Apple.