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Skype is known as the world’s leading application when it comes to making free voice and video calls to all angles of the world.

Using the app only requires both users to have a stable internet connection, have the app installed on their devices as well as have each other’s Skype ID. In this way, the communications will stay free of any charge apart from the internet charges in case you are using mobile data. This is one major reason this app has gained so much traction from all over the world.

But what if your friend is not using Skype or maybe uses a different application for the same communication purposes? Well, don’t fret because Microsoft’s got your back. Using Skype Out, it is possible to make very affordable calls to anyone who is not using Skype. You only need to have this person’s cell phone number or landline for this to be possible, but there is a catch.

The catch is that before you can be able to make these calls, you must think first of all purchase credits from the Skype website. The platform will then bill your calls from the purchase credits at a rate that is more than fair, especially when making international calls.

WeChat Out is coming after Skype Out

WeChat, China’s leading communication, and e-commerce application have launched its feature similar to Skype Out, and it is available to users in the U.S. Known as WeChat Out, the new tool will be used to connect with persons who are not using the application, be it on their cell phone numbers or landlines, just like Skype’s.

To attract its users to try out this feature, Tencent has announced an offer where it is giving a gift of $0.99 worth of credit for those who sign up for this program. According to the tech giant, this amount of credit is worth making 100 minutes of calls. Now, WeChat Out works in the U.S., India as well as Hong Kong, but a global rollout is expected shortly.

WeChat has more than 650 million monthly active users while Skype boasts of more than 300 million monthly active users. Although Skype’s user base is huge in the U.S., the many offerings that come along with using WeChat may be hard to resist for some people in the country. In China, the app is used for more than just messaging and calling purposes. It also serves as a platform for making payments, booking reservations (travel and hotel), hailing cabs and lots of other things that neither Skype nor any other Western apps offer.

This should get not just Microsoft, but also other competing firms worried.