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Some users can’t sleep at night and they browse the internet on their phones, or chat on facebook with their friends. But, the exposure to blue light can be very tiring for the eyes, as they will think it’s daytime, so the more time the user spends on his phone reading content, the harder it will be for him/her to fall asleep. Apple has added Night Shift, a feature that will warm the screen’s color temperature, so that the eye strain will be reduced. There are many other features that will make their way to iOS 9.3, as now, the first beta of this update is available for developers.

The Night Shift is one of the best features that Apple has brought until now, helping the users who have trouble falling asleep to stay longer on their phones without tiring their eyes. How does Night Shift work? Well, it “collaborates” with the phone’s clock and geolocation, so it will know when it’s getting dark in order to make colors warmer. The problem with people who stay up late is that the blue light interferes with the body’s production of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone, so if the body lacks melatonin, the users’ health will suffer.

In the morning, everything will return to normal, so the bright and vibrant colors will appear once the sun rises. This mode will come to iOS 9.3, this spring, after it will be tested by developers and users enrolled in the Beta Software Program.

Another change that will be added to iOS 9.3 is related to the Notes app, which will be more secure because the users will open their notes containing personal data (website logins, bank transactions, medical info etc.) with a password or with their fingerprints. Also, the users will have the possibility to sort their notes by: date created / date modified / alphabetically.

News is another application that was introduced in iOS 9 and articles in For You will be more relevant, according to user’s particular interests. Videos in stories will be played from the users’ feed, and they can read articles in landscape mode on their iPhones.

As for the Health app, it will come with improvements to its Weight, Workouts and Sleep categories, which will have a slider menu revealing applications that can be added to the dashboard. Moreover, the application will show moving, exercising and standing data etc from the Apple Watch.

The iPad tablet will receive new features created for educational purposes, such as Shared iPad for students with which the students can log into any iPad from school and download data using their Apple IDs.