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Gmail is one of the best email services, competing directly against Yahoo! Mail, and it has almost 1 billion active users. In 11 years of existence, Gmail has proved that there’s always room for improvement, and once the developers have released versions for mobile devices, they’re updating the application very frequent. But, some users are not interested in exploring all the features that Gmail is offering, as they need it only to send and receive messages. However, we’ve come up with a list of tricks and tips for those who want to take full advantage of Gmail.

Last Account Activity

If you’re suspicious that someone is reading your messages from another device, there is an option called “Last account activity”, found in the inbox view, somewhere in the bottom right corner. There you will see something like this: “Last account activity: X minutes ago” and by clicking on Details, you will get information such as the IP address that accessed your account and what kind of devices was used.

Select Multiple Messages

If you want to select multiple messages, in the Inbox view you will need to hold down the Shift key.

Show Unread Messages in Tabs

There are many people who like to open many tabs in their browser, for each unread message, but Google has an extension called “Unread message icon”, which shows the number of unread emails are in the inbox. The users no longer need to open their inbox to check how many unread emails they have, as this extension updates automatically. To enable this extension, the users need to head to Settings > Labs tab > Enable “Unread message icon”.

Reading Messages Offline

It’s not really necessary to connect to the internet in order to read every email. Thanks to Gmail Offline, an extension that has been created for Chrome, all messages are downloaded while the device is connected to the internet and the user can read them later, in offline mode. The users can even respond to, archive emails and search, but the messages will be sent after the device is reconnected to the internet.

Sending Emails Using A Different Addresses

Gmail has the option to add another email address that the user owns, in the “Send mail as” section. This means that instead of receiving the message with the Gmail address, the recipient sees the alternative address of the sender.

Scheduling Email To Send Later

Boomerang Gmail is a plug-in which will schedule when you want an email to be sent. After composing the message, you can choose to send it at a certain hour, in a certain day.

Undo Send

This option will save you from unpleasant situations, when you accidentally send the message to someone else, or if the text has typos etc. The button can be enabled by going to Settings (in the top right) and under the “Labs” tab you’ll see the “Undo Send” option.