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Facebook Messenger is focusing on a number of initiatives it plans to undertake with the freshly started 2016.

Facebook Messenger’s mission is to create the best avenue for communication between people as well as business enterprises around the world. The end of the year 2015 saw Messenger (as it is commonly referred to) achieve quite a number of stipulated goals in line with its mission. The most remarkable one is having achieved the 800 million mark of monthly active users as the year came to a close. The Messenger team, through Facebook’s Vice President of Messaging Services David A. Marcus, believes that there is still much to be done and achieved in 2016 as the year is still in its early stages.

Looking back at the year 2015

Messenger, just in case you are not aware, is an instant messaging service that allows the users to communicate via texts and voice mediums. It is owned by Facebook Inc. and it is available on mobile as and also on the web. Users of the app are also able to share multimedia files amongst getting access to many other features in Messenger.

2015 saw video calling feature getting introduced on the application. This feature allows the users to initiate and engage in video calls as in the commonly used Skype service. The service uses internet connections to enable users connect via video calling. A number of tweaks were also made on the app such that users are able to customize chat conversations with nicknames, emojis and also colors of choice.

‘Businesses on Messenger’ was also another key feature that was introduced on the application. This provides a forum where businesses can interact with their customers via direct chat conversations, making inquiries, placing orders and getting updates among many other business-related features. There was also the launch of ‘Messenger Platform’ which enables developers to create apps that can be incorporated within Facebook Messenger.

Users of Messenger were also enhanced with money transfer services right from chats and also given options of sharing their locations. Additional helpful info was also included at the top of new chats that enables a user get a rough idea of the person he or she is engaged in a chat with. The users were also enabled to find and talk to anyone they desired via Message Requests.

Photo Magic was also another 2015-introduced feature that enhanced easy sharing of photos on the app. Another incredible feature that the team initiated its preview last year is M. This is a digital virtual assistant that is under trial in Messenger. M does stuff for you and also finds you info. At the very end of last year, Messenger also initiated a transportation service in partnership with Uber that enables users get cab services without hitches right from within the app.

An insight into 2016

There are a number of things that Messenger is targeting to achieve in 2016. With Messenger’s varied ability of chats via text messages, voice and video calling as well as sharing files, users don’t require Facebook accounts to enjoy these services anymore. Further, the users will continue with their tasks on the app from where they left, be it on the PCs or mobile devices. According to Marcus, Messenger is also changing with the dynamic communication world.

Messenger is contemplating on making business interactions easier. The VP explains that creating a platform of direct conversations involving business deals such as purchasing, booking tickets and inquiries, is more convenient and appropriate than downloading apps. Messenger plans to expand this arena and involve many stakeholders.

Messenger is also going to focus on improving and developing tools convenient for the appropriate conversational context between users. Focus is on the style and tone in relation to the conversing parties.

More innovations to make life easier

Giving an example with M, David Marcus assured users that more new developments expected from Messenger this year are intended to make life easier. The AI-powered virtual assistant is just among the products lined up for users on the app this year and put a smile on people’s faces.

Facebook Messenger promises to deliver services and products that solve people’s real-life problems with delight.