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Google and Facebook are two household names in the tech world. The two compete on almost every front, but the former is far much ahead in terms of market valuation.

Talking of competition, Google seems to be playing catch-up as the two companies try to incorporate artificial intelligence into their services. Recent reports reveal that the search engine giant is working on a new AI-focused chat app that is rumored to be a lot similar to what Facebook Messenger has in the shape of M.

What about the new Google messaging app?

Companies are working hard to bring innovation to their respective fields in a bid to stand out from the crowd. When Facebook revealed its plans with M, some thought it was after competing Google Now, Siri or even Cortana. However, with Google now working on an AI-based messaging app that utilizes chat robots, it seems the search engine giant is convinced that its virtual digital assistant offers something different from what M offers.

Facebook says that M combines the use of AI and human power to help provide the users with solutions to what they need. The assistant can help with booking appointments, making hotel and travel reservations and even delivering gifts. With Google reportedly working on a similar feature, it seems it has finally found a way of beating Facebook in the social networking platform.

Google’s chat app will be responsible for answering questions asked by the users in a similar fashion as to using Google Search.

We all know the amount of information Google has stored in its servers. In fact, the servers are home to the world; you can find out anything about everything. Despite this, the new Google chat app will initially be able to respond to several queries, among them weather, word definitions, names and ages of people as well as do a variety of other things such as set alarms, schedules, timers and reminders. However, we expect more to come in as the team behind it keeps working on it.

Google still has a long way to overtake Facebook Messenger

Google Hangouts is currently home to more than 500 million people. However, the number of active users has fallen down drastically thanks to the fact that people are focused more on using Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger has more than 700 million monthly active users and given the rate at which the social networking giant is coming in with new features and functionality to the chat app, it may take some time before Google’s new chat app gains traction that can pose a threat to the former.