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The battery is definitely one of the biggest problems every smartphone owner experiences. If you own an iPhone handset, take a look at the how-to guide down below, to see what can be done to boost up your phone’s battery:

Disable motion spin-offs and dynamic backgrounds

Each time you move your iPhone, you’ll see a mesmerizing spin-off effect (icons and notifications alike) and this movement is dubbed as the parallax effect. This may seem neat, but it consumes a lot of battery juice. To turn it off, simply head on to Settings, next General, Accessibility and Reduce Motion and again click on the ON knob.

Dynamic backgrounds are also fun, but in time they can really terminated your battery. Simply go with the non-moving image, it’s easier that way and if you also want to oust the dynamic background hit Settings, next Wallpaper and then Choose a New Wallpaper from the “Still” category.

Switch off Bluetooth 4.1

If you have purchased a new iPhone, you should have Bluetooth 4.1. The latter is not as battery consuming as previous versions, but when you leave it on, it will still do some battery damage. If you want to turn it off, just swipe up from the bottom part of the screen. This should pop-up the Control Center, where you will need to click the Bluetooth knob until it becomes all black.

Low Power Mode should always be ON

An easy trick is to activate Low Power Mode and this will switch off all of those features that drain your iPhone’s battery. The latter feature can be activated constantly. Head on to Settings, Battery and then click on the ON knob and that’s that.

“Hey Siri” switched OFF

Siri is never sleeping and she’s always alert, waiting to be useful. And because she’s constantly turned on, the battery will suffer from this feature. If you normally don’t use Siri as often as you would like, you need to switch her off. For this, go to Settings, next General and Siri. Here you need to press the Off knob.

Screen brightness should be reduced

By going to Settings, next Display & brightness you can fine-tune the brightness levels of your iPhone. This is a simple way to save your phone’s battery.

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