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When you travel or plan to travel, there are several things that you need to take care of. From ticket booking to the hotel booking, you have to be careful that whether you are going for the right thing or not. But, with these some of amazing iPhone travel apps, you can find out the best stuff around. These apps tell you the hotels, local attractions, flights and so much more. Some of these apps are:

  1. Kayak

This app is as efficient as its website. The application enables you to find out the flights and books them. You can look for the hotels too and the car rental prices. Also, the flight status can be looked in to as well. This app is kind of helpful in having the idea of what is best and what will be better.

  1. Wikihood

Just like Wikipedia, it provides you with some of the best information regarding travelling as well.  You feel like you do not need any old fashioned websites or apps anymore when you will get along with this website. You can get help from this app as soon as you launch it. You will get to see the famous locations, bars, historical monuments, hotels, restaurants, parks, etc.

  1. Happy Hours

You will get the best bargaining with this app around you in whichever area you are. You will get to see the finest dining and drinking places around you with this app. This app is for free on your iPhone. All the locations, kind of cuisines, day, time and other booking stuff can be found with it easily.

  1. Vonage

With this app, you can make free of cost phone calls to your friends and family. You have to log in from your Facebook to the Vonage and all of your friends available on this app will show themselves on it. So wherever you are, you can easily call them with the 3G or WiFi.

  1. Yelp

You get to see every best restaurant and bar around you when you are travelling. Yelp is a well known app with this feature. Just get it on your iPhone and enjoy searching for the stuff around you. You will also get to see the shops around you.

  1. TripIt

As the name says, you will also get to plan your everything with this app. From airplane tickets to the car rentals and their confirmation, this app will help you in planning everything. You can be tracked with this application so easily as well. Get your restaurant confirmations with it too.

  1. HotelTonight

You can check out the hotel at the very last moment so easily with this very application. Plan you trip with this app easily and you will not have to be worried.

  1. Citymapper

This is the application with every map detail in it. It is not like that it will tell you the big cities maps only, but it will tell you transit systems of every area. You will get to have all the information along with the real time departures with this app.

So, get the app which suits your requirements the most and enjoy your travelling.