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Finally, Android developers will have the opportunity to advertise all of their apps and give away copies of other paid ones, due to the support offered for promo codes by Google Play. There is a new option that has surfaced in the Google Play Developer Console and the latter permits app developers issue codes for in-app content as well as apps.

Promo codes are valid for apps and in-app purchases  

Android Police was the first one to discover the specifics regarding this new implementation and the fact that you can learn more about it as it is accessible in Google’s developer documentation.

Google claims that app developers will be allowed to give away 500 free codes every semester. Note: The ones that haven’t been used, will not be released in the following semester, Even so, basically developers have full control over their promos and codes as they can freeze them anytime.

Google’s new project of putting these promo codes into effect tops Apple’s project as the latter only allows developers to have 100 promo codes. Besides, Google promo codes can also be used for both content and apps, however subscriptions are out of the question.

The support for promo codes has finally made Google Play developers rejoice as this is the perfect way to get their apps known and this option allows them to advertise their good deals.

Google has failed to come up with an official plan of action for this, but developers found a loophole so they can start offering promo codes to users. This does mean a lot more work for the app makers to come up with their own system. If they were to recur to Google’s option, this would definitely ease their work.