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One thing that was deemed as a major weakness of Samsung Galaxy S5 was its design. When Samsung Galaxy S6 was released, everyone was happy to say that the South Korean tech giant had done a commendable job of the phone’s design and look.

When Samsung Galaxy S6 was released, everyone was happy to say that the South Korean tech giant had done a commendable job of the phone’s design and look.

However, somewhere along the way Samsung lost the strengths that made Samsung Galaxy a much-revered smartphone brand. Upon realizing this mistake following an under-par performance, the company wants to make amends when it releases Samsung Galaxy S7.

According to the latest reports, Samsung seems to be targeting the flaws of the iPhone 6S in a bid to lure more iPhone users to the next version of the Galaxy series smartphone. Here are the five big features that will probably make a comeback in this year’s flagship.

MicroSD card makes a comeback

After getting rid of external storage slot, Samsung is reportedly working on returning this precious part to the Galaxy S7. Those users who can’t afford the upper-end 128GB model will be glad to learn of this news as the phone’s memory will be expandable using an SD card of up to 200GB. To make matters even sweeter, Android 6.0 Marshmallow allows users to merge external and internal storage, something that could be a unique selling point for this upcoming smartphone.

Better battery life

Samsung Galaxy S7 will come with a battery unit of 3,000mAh, which is up from last year’s 2,550mAh. However, don’t expect a removable unit, just like with the case of Samsung Galaxy S6. Nonetheless, this will be a major boost, especially when compared to what Apple has in its current iPhone 6S.

Galaxy S7 will be water resistant

Samsung Galaxy S5 came with water resistance, but this was removed when Galaxy S6 was unveiled. Samsung wants this back in the next Galaxy S7, and it may feature a rating of IP67 dust and water resistance, just like its 2014 counterpart. Apple is also rumored to be working on the same as far as iPhone 7 is concerned.

Better, faster camera

Many have believed that having a snapper with many megapixels makes it much better than the rest. Well, Apple has successfully proved this “theory” wrong with its 12MP snappers for the iPhone 6 and 6S. Samsung wants to take down this lane and drop its megapixels for a 12MP snapper on the rear and a 5MP snapper on the front.

This reduction will cut on the file sizes as well as improve the speed of processing. Even better, the rear snapper will come with a f/1.7 aperture, which is far much better than its predecessor’s f/1.9 and the iPhone 6S’ f/2.2 aperture. As a result, more light will be absorbed at a faster rate so that images of fast moving objects and those in low lighting conditions will get much better.

Flush rear snapper

Samsung Galaxy S6 came in with a slightly protruding rear camera, something that the company wants to get rid of when it releases the new Galaxy S7. As a result, the entire rear will be flush, but this will come at a cost.

To achieve a flush camera finish, Samsung Galaxy S7 will be a little thicker than the Galaxy S6, and coming in at 7.9mm compared to the latter’s 6.9mm. This is also aimed at properly accommodating the larger battery unit of the phone.