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If you have been using WhatsApp, and you are fed off it, there is a suitable alternative in Viber free calling app.

This Asian-based app is owned by Rakuten, a tech company based in Japan and now, it has more than 600 million people actively using it every month. Of course, all these people cannot be dummies to be using a non-satisfying app. Given that it has managed to convince such a massive figure, why not you?

Viber is more than WhatsApp

Just like WhatsApp, Viber asks for an internet connection only to connect you with your friend free. However, you need to ensure that your friend has the app installed on his or her phone before you two can chat with each other.

Viber makes use of a phone number as one’s ID, and once it is setup on your phone, it also goes through the saved phone numbers to determine which one has signed up for the Rakuten-owned app. Once this is done, the rest is a no-brainer as you only need to find a contact in the app’s list of contacts and send them a message free. You can also enjoy free voice and video calling using this app.

In case your friend is not on the platform, don’t worry because Viber has your back covered. Just sign up for the Viber Out service, purchase some credits and you will be good to call your friend on his or her cell phone number or landline at very affordable rates.

Last year, WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Web, a web client that allows users of this app to access its services from a desktop. While this service is not a standalone app, Viber offers something different.

Viber on your desktop

Viber comes with a standalone app for smartphones, tablets as well as PCs. However, our aim to get this app functioning on PCs, you must, first of all, install it on a smartphone. This is because the app makes use of your phone number as your ID. Also, verification purposes require that you have a working phone number for the app to call or send you a message with a verification code.

Nonetheless, setting up Viber for PC is very easy. Once you get the app on your phone, head to the official website of the app and get the desktop version. Make sure the version is compatible with the operating system you are using on your PC. When done downloading, click the executable file to begin the installation process.

Syncing Viber account to desktop app

The next step is to sync the smartphone account to the desktop app. Just launch the app on your desktop and when asked whether you have installed the app on your smartphone, accept and move on. Provide your registered phone number using the correct country code.

Viber will then send a 4-digit verification code to the mobile account. Unlike the first installation on the smartphone where this code comes in the form of a carrier SMS, the desktop-generated code will be sent to the Viber account, so check the inbox of the app and not your default SMS app. Enter this code to verify your account.

In a few seconds, you will see all of your Viber contacts synced to the desktop app in addition to any conversations you had initiated on the smartphone app. Just click on any contact and you will see more options that include the chats you’ve had with this person before as well as options for making both audio and video calls. However, remember that you’ll need a webcam to make Viber video calls.

There is nothing to worry about as far as devices being used are concerned. With Viber, you can initiate a conversation from a smartphone app and continue it from the desktop app. All this will happen without hanging up the call.