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Facebook Messenger for Mac’s photo has leaked out hinting a possible and soon release of the application on the Apple device.

The leaked blurry photo allegedly shows an employee working on the said application. Further studies on the photo show that the purported Facebook employee was working on the navigation tab bar that matches options in the tab bar found in Messenger for iOS application. The bar options include Recent, People, Groups and Settings. Despite availability of unofficial Messenger for Mac versions which lack these tab bar options, the alleged photo for Facebook Messenger for Mac reveals these tab options.

Implications of a possible Facebook Messenger for Mac application

Unveiling an official Facebook Messenger for Mac app could have a number of implications as well as impacts. Mac owners opting to use this app will find it easy chatting with other people while using their computers. They won’t be switching from tab to tab on their browsers to engage in chats as the Messenger app will be accessible right from the Dock instantly.

With Facebook Messenger’s standalone ability, mother app – Facebook – will soon be losing out on ad revenue as people who dislike ads will be drifting away. This however cannot be associated to a huge shift as the apps having majority of user bases such as WhatsApp and Messenger are owned by Facebook Company.

With this app for Mac, Facebook will form a strong foundation for outdoing its competitors who have desktop-based messaging apps such as WeChat, Line, Google and Kik. Another thing that the possible Messenger app for Mac would imply is that the user base of the app will increase as the app’s accessibility is enhanced to many users; more so the busy office and employees depending on computers.

With Messenger’s ability to initiate video calling, its availability on Mac would mean pushing Skype on the edge. With Messenger’s record of about 800 monthly active users and possible luring of some Skype users, there is a probable increase in the number of users when a Mac version is unveiled.

Failed venture

Facebook Messenger for Windows was unveiled in the year 2012 with promises of introducing the same on Mac. Two years later, the company shut the app down on March 3rd, 2014. Since this shutdown, the Zuckerberg-owned company has not had any software available for the desktop.

There are no confirmed reports from the company regarding this photo leak. Furthermore, Facebook has been noted to be testing apps and eventually failing to ship them.