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Despite facing huge criticism during its initial days as a standalone app, Facebook Messenger has grown to become one of the most promising messaging apps.

The app recently revealed that it has now reached 800 million monthly active users, a feat that has only been surpassed by another of Facebook’s apps – WhatsApp – with a user base of more than 900 million users. The last time Messenger announced its user base was more than six months ago, something that suggests the app has gained more than 100 million users in the said period. Previously, the app had announced that it had reached 700 million monthly active users.

Facebook wants to make Messenger the all-in-one app on your phone

At the pace things are moving, Facebook is looking to make Messenger app one of the only apps on your phone, providing you with more than just communication services. The app is aligning its services line to include more commercial offerings. The company has already partnered with Uber to offer users with cab services. Also, the company has added the ability to send money as well as make payments from within the app.

Last year, Facebook began testing M, a virtual digital assistant that is powered by humans and artificial intelligence and is aimed at helping the app offer services such as those offered by WeChat in China. Using M, users will be able to make travel arrangements, make hotel reservations, buy friends gifts and deliver them as well as take care of a wide variety of things including responding to any inquiries you make.

Facebook App has been listed as the most used app in the United States while Facebook Messenger makes the cut as the fastest growing application in the country. Another of Facebook’s franchise, Instagram, is also doing equally well in the same market and other parts of the world as well. The year 2016 will be huge for the company given that most market experts predict it as the year we get to see Messenger and WhatsApp start generating revenue for the social networking company.

No room for WeChat in the U.S.

WeChat is the king of Asia when it comes to messaging as well as e-commerce services. Despite the intriguing services that the Tencent-owned app offers, it has yet to become a household name in the U.S. In fact, the app just recently launched its first service outside China, enabling the WeChat Wallet in South Africa. It has followed this by launching WeChat Out, a service that works in the same manner as Skype Out, but it is currently available in three countries including the U.S.

Now that Facebook has started aligning Messenger to start offering services as those already offered by WeChat; it will be very hard for this Asian app to break into the U.S. market.

The year 2016 seems to be meant for Facebook Messenger. The app has grown from nothing to something and now that it has over 800 million users, it will for sure become a force to reckon in the industry.

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