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Yahoo Messenger is now available on your mobile device, revamped and up to the game.

The Messenger, which is usually abbreviated as YM, underwent a complete overhaul and is now available for use on your mobile device that is either iOS or Android-supported. Initially released in 1998 under the name Yahoo Pager, YM is the oldest instant messaging service and is also ad-supported. Yahoo Messenger was integrated to the domain Yahoo mailing service requiring an email account to access its services. The services offered in YM include messaging, calling and also sharing of files.

Refurbished Yahoo Messenger

Having been in the market for about seventeen years, the instant messaging (IM) client had to undergo a makeover that would see it compete with the existing IMs such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and WeChat amongst many other social mobile phone-based applications. According to the Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering for Communication Products at Yahoo, Jeff Bonfarte, the revamp of YM offers a pulsating new messaging experience right from the bottom to the top.

Unlike the integrated Messenger on Yahoo, the revamped application now comes out as a standalone app with features mostly based on mobile functions. The sign up procedures and the features offered in Yahoo Messenger stand to remain though a little here-and-there tweaks have been done to stay relevant in the competitive and dominated market of IM.

Speed is among the core things that have been considered in this refurbished version. Features in the app load relatively quickly as compared to the old YM and also some of other existing competing IMs. Previous messages can also be traced easily and almost instantly.

Yahoo has integrated a number of services and features drawn from a number of its own apps and platforms into the restored service. Users will now be able to send photos in bulk (up to hundreds) at once. This was after integrating Flickr’s photo sharing tech into Yahoo Messenger. The shared photos can also be viewed without interfering with an ongoing activity in the app by simply scrolling horizontally, the photo drawer.

Tumbler-powered animated GIFs are also included in the new Yahoo Messenger and can be used to express emotions and gestures in message chats. The Marissa Mayer-led firm has also included another unique feature that allows the users to do away with sent messages from both ends of a chat. This feature helps in deleting unintended sent messages or rather messages sent to unintended recipients. It is referred to as “Unsend”.

The “Like” button has also been introduced in YM in both group and one-on-one chats for any photo, GIF or comment shared. A simple tap will express some love for the content. Offline saving of sent messages and the default sending of messages once the network is back is also enabled in the new Yahoo Messenger.  This permits users in network-inaccessible areas have their sent messages delivered to recipients without having to manually resend.

Bouncing back to the market

Yahoo is apparently trying to make its way into the market that it once dominated with its mailing and search services. Despite Yahoo Messenger being an old service from a well-established and known firm, it might be an uphill task to outdo the currently dominating apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat and others. The log in process in the exciting new apps is fairly simple and requires very basic things that can be accessed within no time. The features that Yahoo is bringing on board are there in these apps and wooing people might be a little tricky.

Banking on the millions of users that use Yahoo mailing service might help with some percentage in gaining of sign-ups. Globally available on the web, Android, iOS and on desktop’s Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger might still make a reckoning impact in the market.

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