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Viber is a free messaging application used by over 500 million people and it’s compared to Microsoft’s Skype app, because it offers both voice and video calls at a superior quality. The application is available on a variety of platforms and has a version even for Windows PCs and Macs, but there are more people on Android that are using it. So, if you’ve just installed Viber on your device and want to learn more about its capabilities, then this article will come in handy, as we’ll tell you about a few useful tips and tricks that will improve your user experience.

How To Move Between Active Conversations

If you’re talking to multiple contacts at the same time, it’s hard to keep up with each conversation. So, in order to move from an active conversation to another, you will swipe to the right, where’s located the list of all the open conversations and you tap on the one that interests you, so it will be opened in the main chat menu.

Enabling Smart Notifications

This additional ability will allow you to use the Smart notifications feature, which will come in handy when you’re busy or sleeping and put the application into silent mode. So, if you receive 20-30 notifications from message that are sent by different people from your group, you will receive only one notification containing all the messages, thanks to the Viber smart notification. The feature will do the same with all the messages received from a single individual.


If you want to use the application on a PC, there is a version compatible with computers, but first, you need to install Viber on your smartphone and enter your mobile phone number, in order to create an account. Once you do that, you can download and install Viber on your PC, then you are able to make free HD-quality voice calls to your friends using this application, then move to your smartphone to continue the conversation.

How To Block Annoying Contacts

If a person bothers you all the time or makes proposals of a sexual nature, then you shouldn’t hesitate to block that contact. You will need to open the conversation with him/her, then tap the menu button and a list of options will pop-up, where you’ll see the “Block” button. Tap on it and your contact won’t even know that you just did that.

Deleting Chat Messages

If you want to delete old messages from a chat thread, but you still want to keep the thread open, then you’ll open the conversation in question and simply tap on that message that you want to be deleted. A menu will pop-up and it will contain the “Delete” option. Tap on it to discard the message.

Turning Off Notifications

Everybody wants to be left alone from time to time and not to be bothered by Viber notifications. However, you have the option to allow them to keep coming, but you won’t hear a sound, because you will mute them by going to Settings > Notifications and disabling notifications by checking the relevant boxes.