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iPhone screens are invaded by built-in applications which can be rearranged depending on your personal needs. Just by tapping on an icon and holing your finger on it, you are able to drag the application to the place where you want it to be found. Or, you can create a special folder by dragging one app icon onto another, then tapping the home button to lock it. It’s very simple to place any app icon anywhere you want on the screen, but the question is: what applications deserve to stay on the first home screen? Here is our list of suggestions.

Mail, Phone And Messages

Phone and Messages and Apple’s native applications and their place should be on the home screen, or even in your dock, while Mail is a good alternative to Microsoft’s Outlook app.


It’s very hard to be organized, when you have a chaotic schedule. Calendar will come to your aid and simply your life, so the application should be one of your top priorities, as it will help you catch up with all the events from your life, or what upcoming events you will need to attend.

Google Maps / Apple Maps

There are many users who travel to unknown cities or countries and they need to be guided on the streets, in order to not get lost. Some prefer Apple’s own Maps app, while others trust Google Maps more.

Google app

This application will make searching an easy task, and adding Google Now to iOS was an inspired move, as the users can open their favorite browser by giving a voice command.

Safari / Chrome

And since we were talking about browsers, Apple is offering Safari, one of the most commonly used applications, but some users like Google’s Chrome more.


One of the first things people do when they wake up is to check the weather for that day. So, Apple’s Weather is an efficient app with accurate predictions, but other users prefer Fresh Air.


With this application, you will no longer spend a lot of time looking through every selfie you’ve taken.


This application is similar to Spotify or Pandora, but it offers three months of free trial, then a monthly subscription of $10 will be applied. Some users don’t think this music service is worth the money and they installed other applications such as Radium.


Who doesn’t have a Facebook account? Some people open this application tens of times a day to check their notifications and to upload new photos. Because virtual lives are more fun than the real ones.