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The fastest growing chat app in the U.S. – Snapchat – pulled a shocking move during the CES 2016 by revealing that it will no longer be offering its millions of users the ability to purchase lenses from the Snapchat store.

This is one of the features that were meant to draw huge amounts of revenues for this American startup, but now that it is no more, it seems the company is looking at other ways of making money from its ever growing user base. However, you will still be able to vomit rainbows, but not always.

The Snapchat lens store was closed, putting to an end the ability for users to purchase extra, animated filters that they used to layer over their messages. The good side of this story is that even though users will no longer be able to buy lenses from the app, they will still be able to pick their favorite lenses every day for free, but this is limited to only 10 lenses on a single day and nothing more.

Well, this doesn’t change things a lot since not so many people would go around purchasing more than 10 lenses a day from the app’s store. However, the company mentioned that some of these 10 lenses picked each day will be sponsored.

Rainbow vomit to be availed on a rotational basis

As mentioned earlier, it will still be possible to vomit rainbows via the platform, but unlike in the past, this will not be always. The app will be providing the users with access to rainbow vomit as well as the old lady monocle on a rotational basis.

The Snapchat Lens Store opened just a few months ago; in fact, it started in November 2015. Now that it is being shut down, it raises the question of whether this is happening because of a lack of use or just out of the company’s own doing.

In its defense, Snapchat said that it is not because of the former case, but because of the latter. The company wants to do away with this store in order to give itself room for concentrating on its core ad business. The company has been brainstorming on new and better ways with which it could run its ad business and with this move, it has just made its baby step into the new ad technology it was looking for.

Sponsored lenses started showing up last year October, but the company now believes that almost all lenses will now be sponsored. Even though fan favorites such as rainbow vomit, old lady as well as a bunch of other lenses will be available for free, but it will take some time for those without the lens pack, such as Miley, to get access to these free offerings.