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NVIDIA’s SHIELD Tablet K1 started receiving the Android 6.0 update on Monday and it brings many additions from NVIDIA, such as its own camera app, among other new features. Over a month ago, the new Android version rolled out to the US owners of the HTC One M8 and now it’s time for the Asian users to be spoiled.

In addition to the camera app, NVIDIA brought “adoptable storage”, allowing microSD cards to be integrated with the internal storage auto, which is managed by the system. NVIDIA doesn’t usually make too many changes to the Android software, leaving it untouched for the most part, so if you own the $199 tablet, you should install this update and enjoy its benefits. It is rumored that there will be other NVIDIA slates that will be upgraded to Marshmallow as soon as possible.


As you know, this update brought the Doze Mode feature which extends battery life, by putting the device into a sleep state; improved app permissions – the users are free to choose what parts of the device an application can access; Now on Tap – the features will anticipate what you want by scanning the screen and detecting key-words such as movie titles, and providing you links with information about them.

Other upgraded from NVIDIA are: user interface upgrades, Fallout Shelter and Bonus Lunchboxes (Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic game) and new NVIDIA SHIELD Camera whose user interface has been inspired by the Material Design.

As for the HTC One M8 (Asia), the device will receive the firmware build number (6.14.707.1), which is not the same as the one that has been released in the US, as it includes bug fixes especially for the Asian models. Also, it offers new Google photos, a security boot system, a new contextual assistance etc. The installation file is 1.14GB in size and we recommend users to connect to a wireless network and have the batteries of their devices almost fully charged.

In order to check if the OTA update is available on your phone go to Settings > About Phone > System updates > check.