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According to some new rumors, Apple is already making plans for its iPhone 8. Reports have been circulating since the last summer, when it has been discovered an Apple patent for a flexible or curved OLED display, which will come on a future iPhone device (but not on the one that will be released this year).

In concordance with Business Korea, Apple is serious about switching to OLED. The same website claimed that there are high chances that a curved display iPhone will be released.

Lately, more reports are suggesting that Apple will switch to AMOLED panels in 2018 as the American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California will have a deal with Samsung for its iPhone 8 in 2018. This is one of the reasons why Samsung and LG are investing a lot in their AMOLED productions facilities, as Apple will come with a HUGE demand for the panels.

Currently, Apple is using only flexible OLED for its Apple Watch, with panels supplied by Samsung and LG. According to Business Korea website, Apple will adopt OLED partly for the flexible properties. This way, they will attract more users, as their current display is perceived as a weak point for accuracy, brightness and color saturation.

In concordance with the latest rumors, Apple might also choose the Japan Display Inc. for producing the OLED displays needed for the upcoming iPhone 8. This rumor comes from a Japanese publication website named “Nikkan”, which claims that the iPhone 8 display will be produced by the company we’ve mentioned above.

This might be true, as Samsung is already delivering the processor hardware for Apple, which may be seeking to the limit to the number of components it buys from one of its main rivals.

Do you think that Apple will finally replace its LED display with an AMOLED one in 2018?