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Facebook Messenger recently made headlines when it announced that it had reached 800 million monthly users.

This is something that very few expected for an app that received heavy oppression when it was introduced, back in 2014, with most people claiming that the search engine giant was simply adding to the many apps they already have installed on their devices.

Messenger has turned out to be one of the most interesting apps of all time, boasting an embarrassment of riches that have driven it to the top of the list with respect to the most used apps in the world. In fact, the app was listed as one of the most fast growing messaging apps in the U.S.

To add to this success, the social networking giant has updated the Facebook Messenger app for the iOS users, adding support for the newly-availed technology on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus – 3D Touch. This app already had this update sometime last year; however, the latest version gets another 3D Touch command to add to the ones already available.

From now henceforth, iOS 9 users of Messenger will be able to send messages right from the home screen, something that further simplifies the lives of users of this app. In addition to this update, the app has also been packed with the ability to reach any person using the platform through a message request. Even though it is possible to send someone a friend request without the need of having their phone number, one must first of all accept the request before actually being able to chat with you.

Adobe Lightroom has also received 3D Touch updates

Another iOS app to have received improved 3D Touch support is Adobe’s Lightroom. The app has been bumped up with two commands where one allows the users to jump from their home screen to their in-app camera and the other takes advantage of the feature’s peek and pop ability in the Grid View, thus enabling easier previewing of photos.

Users of iPad Pro will also be glad to learn that Lightroom is now supported on this device in addition to five shoot-through presets. These presets will help in filtering photos from the in-app snapper when being shot and they can be viewed even before the shutter is hit or after.

One limitation is that these filters are only available to the users of 64-bit devices, something that means at least iPhone 5S and iPad Air users will be counted in. It is also possible to trigger the in-app snapper directly from an additional Notification Center widget.

Other improvements include new Split Tone adjustments that allow the users to apply tones to shadows or even highlights. Users will also notice the faster photo importation as well as simpler addition of images to multiple collections.

Adobe says that even though both Lightroom versions are available for free, access to some features might require users to subscribe to Creative Cloud.