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At the start of every New Year, just like many people do on an individual note, major tech companies, including Google, come up with a list of resolutions – things that it believes must be accomplished within the given year.

The start of 2016 was no different from other previous years as the search engine giant has laid down quite massive plans for its loyal customers. This year, the company has quite a number of huge milestones to reach, among them are to get the right name for its new operating system, Android N; get rid of the SMS/MMS services in Google Hangouts; introduce the split screen feature in the new OS as well as come in with a video editor, just to mention but a few.

Of all the listed tasks the company is planning on working on, there are two major ones that have caught our attention. The first one is the possible name of the upcoming Android OS while the second one revolves around the company’s chat app – Google Hangouts.

Android N to be named Nutella

At the moment, there is no official word on what this operating system will be named; however, according to the latest reports; it seems Android Nutella is the name this OS will get. This stems from the leaked photos that show the word Android appearing inside a Nutella jar. It will definitely take some time before the real name of the upcoming Google-based OS to come by; Nutella seems to be a fan favorite already. On the other hand, some are of the view that Android Nougat could also be possible, but this is highly unlikely.

Revamped Hangouts to be released with no support for SMS and MMS

Towards the end of last year, it was highlighted that Google will be getting rid of the support for SMS and MMS in the next version of Google Hangouts. If this is true, we might see an onset of new features that would for sure make sense out of the company’s choice to remove SMS and MMS functionalities. Nonetheless, expect Google Voice as well as Project Fi to stay put.

Other than the fact that Android might take the name Nutella in its next version, it has also been revealed that Google might be working on a new Android for PC operating system. However, the same report says that this OS will not be available until 2017; something that Apple and Microsoft should be really worried about, given the massive user base of Google’s mobile OS.

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