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Windows 10 Mobile was first unveiled on Lumia 950 and 950XL towards the end of last year.

While the sale of these devices has been halted in some countries across the globe, there is news that Alcatel has unveiled a new Windows 10 Mobile tablet known as Pixi 3.

The new tablet features a display size of 8 inches, which joins the growing list of smaller-sized tablets that bridge the gap between tablets and phablets. Buyers of this gadget will be able to get a variety of Color Skins as well as Flip Stand covers alongside this new gadget.

Being among the first tablets to come preinstalled with the new Microsoft-based mobile operating system, the Pixi 3 also comes in with quite a number of amazing features and capabilities. For instance, the ability to make voice calls, TV remote control capabilities, GPS functionality as well as front and rear snappers, just like with the case of smartphones. To even sweeten the whole thing, potential buyers of this gadget will be glad to know that it comes with 4G connectivity and it is powered by a Qualcomm-based Snapdragon chipset.

One thing that Alcatel has not mentioned with respect to the new device is whether the users will be able to enjoy the new Continuum feature that comes with the new Windows 10. Nonetheless, given that the tablet will run on a tablet-customized version of the OS, we might see some features missing on this device, but it is too early to confirm the spec sheet of the tablet.

With the upcoming CES 2016, we expect to hear more about this device and the power it brings or rather adds to the mobile world. It was also revealed sometimes in 2015 that the same company is working on a Windows 10 Mobile powered smartphone, a gizmo that we also expect to see during this event. Be warned that the expected smartphone will only be exclusive to the users of T-Mobile.