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The smartphone has not only made the lives of adults easier, but has also proved to be a vital source of infotainment for children of different age groups.

Apart from using your smartphone as a statement of style or for business purposes, you can also use the various apps in the app store to impart some essential information and knowledge to your little ones. Irrespective of the operating system installed in your handset, the app store has a slew of free and nominally priced apps worth exploring. These apps more often than not have some lovely color renditions and animations that create a joyful and memorable learning experience for the children. This article gives you a few suggestions on some apps that you could consider installing.

PicsArt Kids

This app is available for free on Android and iOS. Recommended for slightly older kids, this app presents some fun time with colors. Sit down with your kid to enjoy coloring a horde of pictures in a coloring book with an array of colors and paint brushes. And if you want to create your own image, you can do that too. PicsArt features an empty canvas for you to put your kid’s drawing skills to task. The key highlight of this app is that once you are done, you can save the completed pictures to your gallery to enjoy seeing them at a later date.

LEGO Duplo Train

LEGO has been an age old favorite among all age groups across the globe. With this free iOS and Android app, your tot is sure to be transported into a colorful fantasy world. While you can teach a slightly older kid to build and drive his/her own train, you can teach your toddler the names of the animals and plants that appear in the background. Tap on them and bring them to life with interesting sounds. Your child can also decide what carts must form a part of the train.  

Bubble Snap

This iOS exclusive free app is sure to bring a wide smile on your toddler’s face. Get your tot to pop one or more bubbles at a time. All he/she has to do is to mildly press a virtual bubble and it bursts instantly. If the little one drags his finger across multiple bubbles either horizontally or vertically, all of them burst together. Once all the bubbles burst, a new bubble sheet appears and your kiddo can start bursting the bubbles all over again.


Available on iOS, this app makes learning shapes and letters fun and easy. Not only does your tot get to see them, he/she can also listen to their names and interpret how they are pronounced with just a finger touch. If the child finds understanding the inbuilt voice difficult, do not despair as the app features allows you to record your voice in its place.