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At the beginning of this week, WhatsApp rolled out a new beta version for Windows Phone users.

While the update brought along some new additions, as usual, the Facebook-owned chat app has also unveiled another beta version to add to the previous under-the-hood improvements.

Users of Windows Phone smartphones will be happy to learn that this update also brings along some quality improvements to the overall performance of the app. As reported, there are no longer the loading screens that were visible when moving between pages or opening messages. Also, there are some significant improvements when it comes to the time of sending messages, that is, the time it takes for sending and delivery of a message to the recipient’s device.

Latest WhatsApp beta has new emojis

Unlike the previous version that brought no new feature apart from improving the performance of the app, the latest version of WhatsApp adds a bunch of new emojis to the platform. The use of emojis and other animated characters has escalated over the past few years, something that has even led to the development of emojis keyboards as well as emoji-focused messaging apps such as LINE. Android and iOS users received this update last year.

WhatsApp has always overlooked Windows Phone users when it comes to rolling out updates, choosing to update this version of the app long after sending the same updates to iOS and Android platforms. Nonetheless, it is always better to be late than never.

WhatsApp beta program

One different thing with WhatsApp for Windows Phone beta versions is that unlike the Android version that can be downloaded by anyone from third party sites such as APK Mirror or XDA Developers forum, users must have signed up for the WhatsApp beta program to access this unstable version of the app. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the stable version is rolled out to the official Windows Phone Store.

The newly released version with additional emojis still exhibits the same improved performance abilities introduced in the previous version. What this means is that the improvements made in both versions will probably find their way to the stable version that is expected to be released in a few weeks’ time.

WhatsApp video calling for Windows Phone

When WhatsApp unveiled voice calling at the beginning of last year, it took more than two months before the feature showed up on Windows Phone devices. Now that there is the word of the company working on introducing a new WhatsApp video calling feature, there is no doubt that this trend might be kept. After all, it won’t be the first time for the Microsoft-owned platform to come last as far as receiving WhatsApp updates is concerned, but as noted earlier; it’s better late than never.