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The new iOS 9.3 update is now in the hands of developers, this one will pack some nifty features you can enjoy on your iPhone or iPad device. No word on the release date for the latter upgrade as it is still in the testing phase. Without any further ado, let’s see the features that the iOS 9.3 update will deliver to iPad and iPhone users:

Interesting news & topics 

Apple’s News app will roll out with a brand new allure as it will reveal stories and news that pique your interest. You’ll also be able to see high-quality videos and due to its performance upgrades, everything will load in no time.

Practical feature for teachers

If you’re a teacher, you’ll definitely find Classroom app very useful, especially if you have your iPad on you all the time. You can use it to monitor a pupil’s progress or create your lessons plans. Apple ID that is meant for the education system will also be utile for school administrators.

Night Shift is easy on the eyes

Night Shift is a cool feature that is meant to change the hues on your device’s screen during nighttime. Now, you may change the white and blue shades of your device to soft colors, so you can have a good night’s rest and make the lighting easy on the eye. With Night Shit, you can adjust the color degree and schedule the dim light to last until the crack of dawn.

CarPlay gets a better music selection

CarPlay will receive some major updates due to Apple Maps and Apple Music. So, now users can leaf through the music selection or they can enable the Nearby option that taps into Maps. to look for a restaurant or pharmacy for instance.

Protect your notes

Notes apps will also receive a few improvements. With iOS 9.3 update, you’ll be able to put a lock on your most private notes, another cool option is that you will be able to group them by title or date.