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Apple is working hard on improving its products, to keep up with the market demands, and it’s releasing updates to its iOS software, Apple TV streaming-media box and Apple Watch smartwatch. The company is testing a developer beta which contains many new features, and in this article we’ll tell you more about them.

Multiple users

This feature will come to iOS 9.3 and it will target iPad tablets, allowing multiple users to log into their accounts and access their applications and data. When logging into their accounts, the information will be downloaded and the users will easily access it.

Night shift

Another new feature added to iOS 9.3 is Night shift, which will adjust the colors in the display at night, making them warmer so that the eyes won’t be tired when reading content. This feature will reduce eye strain and the users won’t have trouble falling to sleep.

Protected Notes

The users will protect their Notes by setting a password to access the application, or they can use their fingerprints to unlock it.

Sort Notes

It will be easier to find the right Note, as iOS 9.3 will allow the users to sort entries by: date created or date modified, or in alphabetical order.


There are two new additions to this application, such as the new slider menu from the Health categories, which will help the users to easily find and add new applications to the dashboard, and the application will collect data from the Apple Watch (move, exercise, stand and goal data) and show it to your iPhone.

Better iBooks

Apple allows the iBook users to backup PDFs to iCloud.


The users are able to duplicate images in Photos, transforming a Live Photo into a still image.


The application offers better recommendations for articles, based on an improved algorithm, featuring trending topics and Editor’s feeds, along with faster load and support for landscape view.


Apple is still focusing on education and wants to help teachers in their work with students, by introducing Classroom, a digital teaching app which will allow them to launch applications on their students’ screens.

Apple TV – Keyboards, Folders, Podcasts

The beta version of tvOS 9.2 brings Bluetooth keyboards, making searching for content an easier task; the users can file apps into folders and the app management will be improved with new grids and menu items; the Apple TV will have a Podcast app.

Sync iPhone To Multiple Apple Watches

This is a very convenient feature, considering that Apple Watches have become extremely popular.