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At this moment, Apple is preparing to release the iOS 9.3, as the beta 1 can be tested by the developers, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too early to work on the upcoming iOS 10 which, most likely, will be unveiled at the WWDC event that will take place at the beginning of 2016. With this occasion, the developers will have a clue what to expect from the new operating system and will start working on content for it, then release it along with iOS 10. And the launch of the iOS 10 will coincide with the launch of the iPhone 7, so all the new features that Apple will add, will be seen on this flagship. But, now it’s not known what new features will be introduced, so the users have made a wishlist or lists of assumptions.

Siri API

Business Insider has reported that Apple will try to make Siri capable of answering calls, transcribing voicemails, texts and do many other cool things, such as recognizing the person who is talking to her – according to Alphr. Also, Apple has issued a new patent entitled “User profiling for voice input processing” which will allow Siri to react to different voices, and will recognize the owner’s voice or a user who previously had accessed specific content on that device.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode was added to OS X Yosemite and this option gives users the possibility to replace the white menu bar and dock with a darker color, allowing them to focus better on their work and to not get distracted. This feature should come to iOS 10, as there are many iPad owners who like to edit photos and videos.

Default Third-party Applications

Many iOS users asked for this since the first day, because they want to use many third-party applications to come as default, because they had enough of Mail, Calendar and Safari browser and want to test out their rivals.

Multi-user Support

This is another long requested feature and it might finally come to iOS 10. The iPad or iPad Pro users would really appreciate it, because they could create multiple accounts on their devices and log in using their passwords, fingerprints or pins.

The Option To Hide Pre-installed Applications

There are many pre-installed applications that some people never use and want to get rid of them. For example, some users don’t like the Podcast app and want to hide it from the screen, without moving it to a folder created especially for useless applications.

Weather App For iPad

The iPhones received this application along with iOS 7, but it never reached iPads and it’s hard to understand why Apple would make this discrimination. So, maybe iOS 10 will let the iPad users enjoy those cool weather animations.

Customizable Control Center

Control Center was a great addition to iOS 7, but the users want to be able to customize the four shortcut buttons for Flashlight, Timer, Calculator and Camera, to replace any of them with another application they use more often.