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In December, last year, Google has announced the version 8.4 of its Google Play Services, which is used for updating Google applications and other applications from the Google Play Store. This service was released in 2012 and since then, Google has continuously released updates containing lots of performance improvements and from time to time, we’ve seen new features. The latest update is 8.4 and it includes a new feature which allows developers to incorporate app content into email messages the users are sending to their friends, so they can invite them to use applications.

Developer advocate Laurence Moroney has posted on the Google Developers Blog, saying that “if you have a favorite cooking app that you want to share with your friends, your invite to use the app can include a favorite recipe from the app” and “They get the immediate benefit of being able to access the desired content, giving them a more informed choice about whether or not they decide to install the app to get richer and more content.”

App Invites were firstly introduced in May, last year, and in Play services version 8.1, the developers were given the opportunity to customize the images and call-to-action buttons. This feature update will surely be very useful for developers who will be able to integrate app content into email messages that can be sent by users, to their friends, containing app invites.

The developers will also know approximately, with one week ahead, how many users will abandon or spend games, as Play services will offer predictions. Google has also added enhancements to the Google Maps API, allowing the users to tap and zoom in/out on some area they want to see on the map and which has a polygon around an area. As example – a single neighborhood in San Francisco, northern California.

Also, thanks to the Fused Location Provider feature, Android applications can identify a device’s location, using GPS, Wi-Fi and cell towers.

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