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At the beginning of 2016, on iTunes there are many free applications that used to be on sale, but hurry up and decide which one to download, because this offer won’t last too long. So, take advantage of this opportunity and check out one of our suggestions. However, when the offer will expire, the price will be listed next to the application, replacing the word “get”. So, here are the applications that might interest you:

Its normal price is $2.99 and it promotes three elements of success suggested by psychologists – Love, Dream and Joy. This combination is the key for a perfect harmony and the 3CYCLE application will help you reach your goals by following a strict schedule. The features of this application include a clock-shaped planning chart; Love, Dream and Joy are the three categories dividing the screen into three colors; there is a tidy neon-design; in the Analysis Algorithm can be found the evaluation of planning; the app offers feedback about what you’ve done in a week etc.

Audio Notebook Pocket

Normally, it costs $1.99 and it’s a Notebook and Integrated Audio Recorder which will help you stay organized thanks to the color coded categories. It can be used by students who will record their lectures, or professionals, when they go too interviews or meetings, and ordinary people with ideas that need to be noted down. After taking notes or record audio files, you can copy them to a Mac or PC using iTunes File Sharing. Also, the Integrated Text Editor has automatic spell check, so you won’t slip any typos.

PDF Markup Ultimate

This application is a bit pricier, costing $4.99. It’s a full-fledged PDF reader application which comes with a bunch of features such as adding markups to PDFs (freehand writings, sticky notes, text boxes, arrows, shapes, inserting sound notes, images/hyperlinks etc); extracting annotations from PDFs and saving them to “My markups” folder; sharing markups; File Manger & Viewing Mode; Document Scanner; Page Editing and File Transfer.


This is a game that costs $2.99 and in which you’ll control the captain of a spaceship. Unfortunately, at some point, the spaceship is truck by a comet and the crew (14 members) is risking to die, but you, as their captain, have the mission to reunite your team, by navigating through the universe and searching for your people, before they run out of oxygen.


This cheap application that costs $0.99 will check the quality of your network, showing the following colors: Red, when there is no network, Orange (2G) – average quality, Light Green (3G) – not the best quality, Solid Green (4G) – Great quality and Blue (WiFi) – Best quality when you’re connected to a wireless network.

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