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Google has released its Android Marshmallow OS on October 14 alongside the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, and almost two months later arrived the first major update, 6.0.1, which started rolling out to other flagships than Google’s Nexuses. But others are preoccupied with making assumptions regarding the features of the upcoming Android “N”, although nobody knows what “N” will stand for. The rumored name is Nutella and here is the list of features and changes that might come with it.


Ars Technica has the habit of making predictions regarding Google’s projects, focusing especially on the Android software whose upcoming version will have a name that will start with “N”. Ars Technica believes that “N” will stand for “Nutella” and it will bring three important changes.

The first one is multi-window feature, which will allow the users to multiple applications on the screen, at the same time, just like iOS 9 has this feature for iPads. Samsung and LG already shipped this feature with their devices and it’s obvious that Google is willing to bring this functionality to its next Android version. If you remember, Samsung has introduced its Galaxy S6 flagship, then Google brought its own payment service to Marshmallow, calling it Android Pay. Currently, it is said that multi-window is a “highly experimental” feature in Marshmallow, but Google is working on improving it and it will be officially released, it will be pushed to the Android tablets.

The second feature might be a new messaging application, but it’s not sure if Google will push aside its Hangouts application in order to make room for “Messaging”, the application which already reached India and parts of Africa and it’s competing against WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The Wall Street Journal already informed its readers about the smarter application that will provide answers when users will ask questions.

Lastly, the third and most important change will affect Chrome OS, which will grow close together with Android. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, might make the ultimate move and combine Chrome OS with Android, resulting in the final Android product. It is said that Google is trying to unite the pair and maybe in 2016 we will see this achieved.

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