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Enough has already been said of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7, but more and more news and rumors keep coming in as the rumored release date of the gizmo draws closer and closer.

Among the most eye-catching rumors is the report that Samsung has decided to return some of the features it left out of its previous models – 2015’s line of Samsung Galaxy series smartphones.

The latest reports suggest that the South Korean tech giant will be releasing Samsung Galaxy S7 and its counterpart Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge this first quarter of 2016. Unlike its predecessor flagships Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the new devices will come with support for microSD card expansion and they will also be water resistant. These are the same features that are available on 2014’s Samsung Galaxy S5, but after receiving quite a massive number of complaints regarding the dropping of these features in 2015, the company seems to be ready to bring them back this year.

The report says that users will now be able to expand their phone’s storage size using an SD card of up to 200GB. As far as water resistance is concerned, both devices will be able to survive in depths of up to 1 meter, but don’t drop the device in water intentionally just because it is water resistant.

No design changes

Despite the fact that Samsung will be reviving the features found on the older Galaxy S5, this doesn’t mean it will drop the amazing design it adopted for the Galaxy S6. In fact, the report says that nothing as far as the design will change when the new phone comes into play.

The new Galaxy S7 will feature a similar screen size of 5.1 inches, but the S7 Edge will come with a slightly larger 5.5-inch screen size as opposed to last year’s model. Samsung went for Galaxy S6 Edge+ last year, but rumors are that 2016 will only see two flagships released, but who knows, we might end up seeing a Galaxy S7 Edge+ sometime later in the year.

Better battery units revamped photography and a more powerful processor

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to bring some new internals to the fold. Expect a much better battery unit, improved photography as well as a more powerful processor. The S7 will home a battery unit of 3,000mAh while its counterpart will come with a unit of 3,600mAh, however, just like their predecessors, the units will not be removable.

As far as photography is concerned, much better snaps will come from 2016’s Galaxy series flagship thanks to the 12MP sensor that will be attached to the rear of the phone. Despite the smaller number of megapixels on this phone’s snapper when compared to the 16MP that came with the S6 and S6 Edge, the new S7’s snapper comes with an aperture of f/1.7 that makes it more than capable in low light conditions. On the other hand, the selfie snapper will be the same as its predecessors.

When the Galaxy S6 was unveiled, many were quick to commend the new design. Some even pointed out the likeness of the design to Apple’s iPhone, including the lack of a removable battery, expandable storage as well as water resistance. However, this is about to change as Android pedants and power users seem to have won their battle to bring back some of their most treasured features.

Even though this news might excite you, keep in mind that they are based on rumors. However, with the MWC event coming fast, we will soon be getting much more concrete news on these two devices. Keep following us!