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Apple has released the first version of the iOS 9.3 BETA for developers. With other words, if you are enrolled in the public beta program, you should be able to download and install the iOS 9.3 on your iDevice sometime soon, most likely before the end of this week.

What Should We Expect From The iOS 9.3?

Night Shift

The Night Shift feature will adjust the colors shown on your iPad or iPhone’s screen, cutting down the bright blue light that is usually messing with your “internal” clock, making you think it is daytime, when it’s not. According to Apple, the Night Shift feature will automatically turn on at sunset in your location and disable itself in the morning. This sounds familiar for the people who are already using F.lux, a third party application that already does this.


The Notes application will get even more secure in the iOS 9.3 version, allowing you to either set a password or use Touch ID to keep your notes away from strangers. We remind you that other applications such as Day One, Evernote and more, already allow you to use Touch ID feature.


Apple’s News application has a really hard time on catching on and some tweaks that come with iOS 9.3 will make it easier to use. In addition you will be able to play videos without leaving the feed.


iOS 9.3 the Health application will allow you to discover new HealthKit applications that you will be able to install. You will notice a side-scrolling list of some relevant applications at the bottom of the category pages for Sleep, workouts, weight and more.

The Health application will also show you more information collected from your Apple Watch, which is currently locked into the “Activity” application.


When you connect your iPhone to a CarPlay stereo, you will notice that the iOS 9.3 will bring a few more features. The Apple Music app will show the For You and New sections instead of just the playlists and collection. At the same time, the Maps app will support the “Nearby” feature that was added to the iOS 9 in September 2015. The Nearby feature allows you to easily find businesses in your vicinity by gas, parking, shops, restaurants and coffee shops.