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Facebook joined the world of Virtual Reality when it acquired Oculus VR for a reported fee of $2 billion.

Ever since rumors have been doing rounds that the social networking giant’s acquisition will be rolling out its first major Oculus Rift headset early 2016.

Well, 2016 is here, and it is still early – and just as it had been predicted, there is a new Oculus Rift headset in town and pre-orders will begin this week, starting January 6th. This news was announced by Oculus, but the company did not spit out anything related to the headset’s pricing. Nonetheless, we expect to get the full details when the pre-orders officially kick off starting this Wednesday.

The CES 2016 is here and in fact, it starts on the same date as the Rift headset’s pre-order date. This same event was touted to be used by Oculus to reveal the new gadget. The device is expected to hit the markets in the early stages of this year, but Facebook has not revealed the exact day the device will be available in local brick and mortar stores as well as online stores for purchase.

Oculus revealed that the new headset will come with copies of the platformer Lucky’s Tale as well as fighter space EVE: Valkyrie. To make the matters even sweeter for VR consumers, each and every Rift will ship with a bundled wireless Xbox One controller as well as support for Xbox to Windows streaming when in VR settings. VR technology is still new and in fact, it has been touted as the technology of the future. With Microsoft also having its eye fixed on the same technology with its HoloLens reality headset, one may be wondering how the two – Oculus and Microsoft – came to be such cozy about each other. Well, it may simply be because the two are sitting on the face of mainstream Virtual Reality.

More still on the way from Oculus

After rolling out its first VR headset, Oculus will not be resting. The company unveiled Touch controllers back in June last year during the E3. This is the same device that we expect to see, but it will wait until the second half of this year. Using these Touch controllers, players can easily move their arms in a more natural way within the VR environment as opposed as to how they would when using a traditional gamepad.

With VR just making its way into the tech world, more VR input devices are expected to start flooding the market. Stay tuned for more is coming your way this 2016.