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Who hasn’t deleted some or all of his or her messages unintentionally?

We’ve all done it and to be honest, it can be stressful, especially if one of the messages contained an address or even name of something very dear to you.

There is nothing to panic about this as we have a way of undoing the deleted messages such that you can have them again. Whether you are using a rooted device or not, this method will ensure that you recover any lost data on your Android device.

How to get back lost media on Android

The first thing you will obviously do when you lose data checks the Trash where you can find the files you has already deleted before being emptied. Now go ahead and connect your Android phone to a PC and then run a file recovery application. If you have none installed, there are plenty of them available on the web for free, for instance, Coolmuster or Recuva.

Data recovery from external storage

In case you had the files initially stored on a microSD card, it is better to remove the card and connect to your PC using an adapter.

Once you run the recovery app, go ahead and choose the files you want to recover. After this, most apps such as Recuva will offer you the option of choosing the specific location of recovery, including picking a folder to restore from. The rest is a no-brainer as the steps are simple to follow and execute.

In case you encounter a problem with the program at this stage, it might be something to do with the formatting of your memory. Make sure it is done so using any of NTFS or FAT32. If not, just copy the files from the memory to your PC and then format the memory using the correct format. Get the contents back to the memory and proceed with the above step.

When the recovery process is done, make sure you save them on another device separate from the affected one to avoid unnecessary conflicts that might cause trouble when recovering data. In short, save the recovered files on your PC and not on your smartphone again. You can then transfer the files later once you are certain that they are safe and sound.

Data recovery from internal storage

The above process affects those who save their data on external microSD cards. However, there is a way for those using internal storage. This will need users to enable their phone’s developer options via the About Phone Settings. When in there, tap on the Build Number about seven times and then go back to the Settings where you’ll now find the Developer Options. Go ahead, enable USB debugging, and then go ahead using any of the initially mentioned recovery apps to get back your lost data.