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The Priv was the very first Android-powered handset to be launched by BlackBerry. The bonus is that it comes packed with nifty apps that are exclusive to the Priv device.

Some of these apps, are probably displayed on the Play Store, even if for the record, these do not function on other Android devices. The only reason they show up in the Play Store is so that BlackBerry can release updates to the Priv owners.

Now, BlackBerry has rolled out a brand new app called BlackBerry Virtual Expert. Needless to say that Priv owners are the only ones that can benefit from this new app. In other words, if you own another type of smartphone, downloading the BlackBerry Virtual Expert app will not function for the latter device.

How does BlackBerry Virtual Expert function?

You’ll find a very informative explanation on the Google Play Store regarding the BlackBerry Virtual Expert app: “This application is designed to help you identify the cause of symptoms that your BlackBerry device may exhibit or display. You will be guided through a series of hardware tests to produce a test results summary.

In short, you can use the app which has been custom-built for the features and options that have been implemented in the Priv device. So, if you want to verify the status of your camera for instance, the keyboard, your microphone and so on, the BlackBerry Virtual Expert will tell you what you need to know.

The Virtual Expert app will pinpoint any errors or failures in the Priv’s system that might need repairing, So, if you want to give the BlackBerry Virtual Expert a shot, get it now from the Google Play Store. Important: This app was exclusively designed for BlackBerry Priv.