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Gone were days when you only relied over BlackBerry for the business tasks. These days, every professional person is using the iPhone to meet their deadlines, making important calls, ticking on the reminder and take instant business notes.

Not only that the phone itself is full of in-built features, but with the newest high tech applications, you can fulfill many tasks, which were never easy before. Some of the few suggestions are:

  1. TapeACall Pro

If you wish to record any important call that has business details or meeting minutes, then you can do it by installing this application. Press the Record button and save any conversation that you want. Not only that you can record it, but you can also transfer it through SMS, MMS< Messaging apps, email and even on socialmedia. This app has very user interactive features that will enable you to use them without any hassle.

  1. Invoice2Go

Organize your business with your smartphone now. With this Invoice2Go app, you can keep the signed documents, get the scan copies, save information, create the statements and do much more. With the real-time charts, you can also check that how your business is performing. You can see that this app has many templates for the invoices.

  1. Cortana

Your new personal assistant that will make your life easier. Microsoft has made a jump from Windows to the iPhone and now you can keep a record of your reminders, documents, interest, events, etc. whatever you want to have information of, you will get it done with Cortana app. You can also edit the information in your app.

  1. iTranslate Voice

This app has the ability of translating 42 languages into any language you want. With this app, you can refuse the idea that translating language is a problematic issue. Whoever you are talking to, you will not feel like if they are talking in some other language. This app is available for £4.99 only.

  1. GoPro

Make your iPhone’s compatibility more efficient with the GoPro app and share unforgettable moments easily. If you want to save images from the videos, then you can do that with this GoPro app. With your AppleWatch, you can perform many actions like taking pictures and checking out the shots.

  1. Deezer Music

Get this app and enjoy this all new experience of music app. With the newest version, you can get personalized playlist, albums, get the mixes, etc.  With the CarPlay option, you can get the music in your car just with one 3D Touch.

  1. CamScanner Pro

You do not need to spend extra money and get a scanner. With this CamScanner Pro, you can now get the pictures of any documents that you wish to and save them. This will send the copy to all of your connected devices and you do not need to take the picture again and again.

  1. Evernote

With the Evernote, you can make your notes and share them from single place to everywhere you want. This app helps you in creating the checklists and for the later reference; you can clip webpages to it too. The features are very unique and it can be downloaded for free.