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Smartphones have become a very integral part of every living person’s life. Walking around without one of these devices will for sure make your life in the 21st century a hell to live in.

Despite their growing importance, some of them quickly get consumed by the many unnecessary apps we install on the phones, taking up the entire storage and, in the long run, affecting the performance as well as battery life of these gadgets. It is time to say goodbye to these apps that do nothing but tire your phone getting rid of them. The question is which apps are these? Here is our answer to this question.

Facebook app

Facebook app is available free and, in fact; it comes preinstalled on some Android devices. It is the app uses to keep in touch with friends on Facebook using your mobile phone. In case you didn’t know, this app is one of the major battery hogs on your phone, in addition to being too intrusive.

Rather than have this app installed on your phone, just create a shortcut of the main Facebook website on your home screen. In this way, you will be sure of fewer resources being used while still accessing your Facebook account as usual.

Weather Apps or Widgets

If you have installed the Weather Channel or any other weather app on your phone, it is time to get rid of it. Even though this app provides a quick way of knowing the current weather conditions in your area, be ready to charge regularly your phone.

To avoid this, simply remove any such apps and instead to for the Google Now digital assistant for any queries related to the weather around you.

Antivirus programs

The best way of staying safe from malware and other virus attacks is with the use of a strong antivirus program. However, it seems this is not essential on Android devices because as it turns out, these programs provide almost the same level of security as what you get when you carefully or rather sensibly use your Android device.

Android protects your device by default and it also provides encryption protocols for your phone. In fact, it is easy to get your device stolen then it is to get it compromised internally. Also, Google’s engineers are always on the lookout for any potentially harmful apps that are uploaded to the Play Store, which means it is still safe. What you need to do is take care of where you get apps from as well as the sites you visit. When you are positive about this, remove the installed antivirus program so as to free up your phone’s resources.

Cleaning apps such as Clean Master

While cleaning apps such as Clean Master come with the promise of actually cleaning your device to boost its performance, sometimes it is unnecessary to download these apps. What they do is get rid of cached data from deleted apps, something that can also be done using the Android phone’s settings.

Just go to Settings>Storage>Cached data and then tap on OK to clear the cached data. You also have the option of handing individual apps via the Apps Settings and then tap on the Downloaded section. From the resulting page, tap on “Clear cache” and that’s it.

Cleaning apps use lots of battery power, and when uninstalled, you will for sure realize improved performance as well as battery life. The free apps also come with in-app ads that may play a huge role in the speed at which your data pack burns down.