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Android 6.0 Marshmallow was unveiled towards the end of last year and since then it has made its way to quite a number of flagship smartphones.

But as we all know, the process of rolling out the new update usually takes some time, and as we speak, not all compatible devices have received this new OS. If you are one of the people who want to get a taste of this new OS, here is a way for you to get it now rather than have to wait for more weeks or even months before getting the official update.


Manage app permissions

When installing Android apps, users are usually asked for permissions by the app which when not accepted, the installation or updating process will not continue. There is good news as Google has now worked around this problem so as to allow users the liberty of deciding which permissions to give to a given app, but this is available to Android M users.

To get around this problem on your older device, you may need to root it and take advantage of the excellent XPrivacy to enable these capabilities.

Chrome Custom Tabs

In older devices using Android L and below, when you click on a link from inside any app, the link will fully open up in your default web browser. What this means is that you will be redirected to another app, and thus, you can’t keep on with whatever you were initially doing.

There is a way out in the new OS, but for older devices, the use of Chrome Custom Tabs will suffice. This feature loads a stripped-down version of the Chrome browser to use fewer system resources as opposed to what the full browser uses. While it is not possible to get these Tabs on Android Lollipop, it is possible to have a similar operation with the help of a tweak.

Simply download and install ultra-light Link Bubble web browser and make it the default app to get the same experience. The good thing here is that no rooting is needed and what the installed app does is simply to display a link in a small bubble while it loads it in the background, leaving you in peace to keep on working on your initial task.

Smart Link

When you finally get to start using the new Android M, you will be asking yourself how you have been working without Smart Link. Rather than open any link using a web browser, what Smart Link does is to open each link in the right application. For instance, if you get a Twitter link via a WhatsApp chat, tapping it will shoot up the Twitter app without asking you the type of app you want to use to open the link.

To get this functionality on an older Android device, just head to the Play Store and download the latest version of TapPath Browser Helper app.