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Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 last year and according to the current stats, it seems the company is quite happy with the response the operating system has received, especially when compared to its predecessor.

Despite this reported success Microsoft is enjoying with the new OS, the real success will be determined by the OS’s success on the company’s most valued clients – the enterprise world. Nonetheless, it seems there is a light at the end of the tunnel as far as the business world is concerned.

The Windows OS maker this week revealed that at least 76% of its enterprise clients are currently testing the new Windows 10 OS on their devices. The company said that the OS currently has more than 22 million enterprise users (businesses and institution clients). However, Microsoft did not mention a word on the numbers represented by either the businesses or the institutions. This is a huge increment when compared to the figure the company released in November last year, claiming that already 14 million enterprise users were using the new Windows 10 by then.

A good start for Windows 10 Enterprise

Market experts were of the view that Windows 10 will do just fine with businesses. In fact, their projections were pointing towards 2016 as the year when businesses will start switching to the new OS. Now that Microsoft says more than 76% of these enterprise customers are already running pilots of the OS is a good start for the company. This is easily the best news Microsoft has had in the latest few months given the importance the business clientele holds to the company.

Microsoft’s the key to success

Microsoft offered regular Windows 10 consumers a free upgrade to the new OS; however, even though businesses do get a similar upgrade, it only happens because they’ve already paid for the enterprise package. This package allows business users to see any version of Windows that is supported; however, every PC that runs on Windows OS must be paid for periodically, something that is extremely beneficial to Microsoft.

Also, the fact that businesses are running the latest enterprise version of the OS will encourage them to upgrade to the latest versions of all Microsoft business software packages, for instance, SQL Server database, Office 365 or even Windows Server, among others. These upgrades also include some charges, which only but add to the company’s revenues. It is why business clients are very important to the company.

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