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WhatsApp is one of the applications you should have installed on your smartphones. The application is used by over 900 million people from all over the world, which means that there are very high chances that your friends are already using it also.

The WhatsApp version for Nokia Asha is not updated very often, but from time to time, the developers are proving us that they didn’t forget about these devices. Well, a new WhatsApp BETA version for Nokia Asha has been released. This version is available for Nokia Asha devices along any other devices that run on Symbian S40 such as Nokia C3.

WhatsApp 2.13.29 is an update that doesn’t brings too many changes, but it seems that the developers have been working on improving the performance of the application and fixing the bugs that they’ve found or users have been reporting for quite a while.

It seems that the new WhatsApp version for Nokia Asha comes with a Jar file that is 63KB smaller than the previous version. At the same time, 533 files have been modified out of a total of 2029 files. The developers have removed 7 files, 6 were related to some icons, while one was the thumbnail file.

WhatsApp 2.13.29: How To Install On Your Nokia Asha Device

First of all, you will need to uninstall the current WhatsApp version that you have installed on your Nokia Asha device. After that, you will need to open the browser on your smartphone and head to, from where you will be able to download the WhatsApp 2.13.29 JAR file. Once you have the JAR (installation) file downloaded to your smartphone, head to the place where you’ve saved it and tap on it to start installing the latest WhatsApp BETA version.

Have you tested out the WhatsApp 2.13.29 BETA on your Nokia Asha device? Tell us your thoughts about it!